Daniels Place

Hello, My name is Daniel 

What matters is personal growth and development.

I am not combating symptoms, that is superficial. I prefer to go to the core so that real improvement is achieved.

With me you can tell your story in complete openness. 

I help you on your way by listening without judgment. 

I use my clairvoyance / feeling / knowing to bring out ‘that which plays’. 

I know how to create clarity in the chaos and that brings insights. 

You know where to find your direction and you discover your own answers. 

You do it and it benefits you. 

Awareness Helping yourself or people is all about awareness.

My way

My personal development in the field of clairvoyance / feeling / knowing has since childhood formed and still does this in my daily life, I have met very special people / souls who helped me find my way.

These people / souls taught me how to heal and develop myself by passing on to me training and courses. 

Training & courses (small selection)

  • Helping / Caring / Nursing
  • Basic Medical Knowledge (BASIC DOCTOR)
  • Natural Medicine
  • Counselor
  • Stress Counseling
  • Usui Reiki Grand Master
  • Shambhala reiki (MASTER)
  • Kundalini / GTUMO (MASTER)
  • Walking with angels